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Theatre 4 Identity 2013
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict - a true story – another perspective.

London Airport - 1978 - one air hostess is killed and another injured in an attack by two Palestinian terrorists. One terrorist dies, accidentally killed by his own grenade, the other gets a life sentence.

Twenty two years later, Yael, the surviving air hostess returns to London looking for answers from Hasan the surviving, incarcerated terrorist.

Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) uses a true story to look again at the enduring conflict between these two warring peoples. At the core of the play is the dialogue between one man and one woman, both abandoned by friends and family either unwilling or unable to see across enemy lines.

Mario Diament’s play provides space and distance, enough so an audience can witness both sides of the struggle – he then presents us with the possibility of a halt to the cycle of violence.


June 11 to July 6 Wednesday to Sunday 8pm Tickets £10 -£8 conc

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