Fritz Lang silent masterpiece, the two hours and a half of it, as he intended to show it, with all the missing bits restored.

The great future city of Metropolis is inhabited by two distinct classes: the industrialists live off the fat of the land, supported by the workers who live under the city and endure a bare-bones existence of backbreaking work. The story concerns a forbidden love between Freder, a young man from the industrialist class, and Maria, an activist who preaches against the divide between the two classes.

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September 29th 6pm


Saturday 9th of October, 7pm:

An evening of discussion and analysis of the political content of some well-known comics.

t’s The year is 50 bc, Gaul is entirely
occupied by the Romans.  Well, not
entirely… one small village of
indomitable Gauls still holds out
against the invaders.
Then Julius Caesar comes up with a
brilliant idea, a new and creative way
of domination:
to introduce capitalism into the village.

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