Recorded by Sands Films, with Daniel Kelly, from Calder Theatre:

Maria Estevez Serrano -protagonist of our play “Verde, Agua y Luna”- talks with Dr. Tyler Fisher about Federico Garcia Lorca.  In Spanish.

plans for later in the year:

An evening of discussion and analysis of the political content of some well-known comics.

t’s The year is 50 bc, Gaul is entirely
occupied by the Romans.  Well, not
entirely… one small village of
indomitable Gauls still holds out
against the invaders.
Then Julius Caesar comes up with a
brilliant idea, a new and creative way
of domination:
to introduce capitalism into the village.

As we were preparing these presentations we were hit by the Covid 19 crisis, so we may have to modify the dates.
On March 24th we learned the sad news that Albert Uderzo, one of the creators of Asterix passed away, here he is, with Asterix and on a self portrait (on the left).  Rene Goscinny is on the right.


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