A one-day workshop at the Calder Bookshop & Theatre.

Saturday 25th of November, 6 to 9 pm.

The Workshop will be conducted by Tereza Briggs Novaes and Diego Iudicissa.

Theatre Oppressed is a technique created by Augusto Boal that attempts to find concrete ways to solve real problems through games and exercises in a playful and educational way.

During the workshop we will run a few practical exercises and theatre games and explore some of Boal’s most used techniques: Image Theatre, Newspaper Theatre and Forum.

Tereza Briggs Novaes is a Brazilian actress, director, and playwright.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Drama from the University of Rio de Janeiro.  She studied and worked with Augusto Boal, and conducted many Theatre of the Oppressed workshops at Calder Bookshop & Theatre.

Diego Iudicissa studied at Buenos Aires Drama School (Emad) and has been delivering workshops on Theatre of the Oppressed techniques at Calder Bookshop, Migrant Connection Festivals, Unite, and Waterloo Arts Festivals.

The cost of the workshop will be £15.  To book a place please email

The Calder Bookshop & Theatre. 51 The Cut SE1 8LF. 020 7620 2900.