The Trial of Jemmy Button

A verbatim play based on old documents and letters.

Written and directed by Luis Gayol.

Wednesdays to Saturdays 7.30pm.
February 14th to March 9th.

It was the year 1830 when a young aboriginal from Tierra del Fuego was abducted and brought to England. As he was exchanged for a large pearl button, he was given the name of Jemmy Button. He was spared from being exhibited in a human zoo, as was the custom of the time; instead, he was sent to school to be indoctrinated in all aspects of English culture and the Christian religion.
After some time, he was put on a boat and returned to his land – the famous voyage of the Beagle, with Charles Darwin on board – in the hope that he would spread “civilization” among the members of his community.

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