Our online sales system is up and running now.  There are different Theatre titles available and we’ll be uploading new books regularly. Give us a call if you are after something specific.

The Calder Bookshop is London’s premier source for theatre books, whether you are looking for new plays, elegant second-hand copies, rare editions or books on the theory and craft of the stage. The Calder is named for John Calder, friend to and publisher of Samuel Beckett. We sell a range of original Calder publications of Beckett’s nonfiction.

In addition to theatre, we specialise in philosophy, politics, political history, and psychology books. Our selection of second-hand stock ranges across genres to all areas of interest. Have a browse of some of our standout second-hand pieces, available for purchase online.

Theatre authors:

Abdulrazzark, Ackland, Henry Adam, Samuel Adamson, Addai, Adshead, Aeschylus, Agbaje, Agboulaje, Albee, Tariq Ali, Aluko, de Angelis, Arden, Anouilh, Arbuzov, Aristophanes, Armitage, Austen, Auster, Aykbourn.

Babe, Bacon, Baldwin, Annie Baker, Granville Barker, Howard Barker, Adam Barnard, Luke Barnes, Peter Barnes, Mike Bartlett, Neil Bartlett, Al Bassam, Bean, Beaumarchais, BeaumontBeckett, Behan, Behn, Alan Bennett, Bent, Beresford, Bergman, Berkoff, Bernays, Bhatti, Bhim, Birch, Bird, Blanco, Block, Blythe, Bogosian, Bond, Bolt, Borrett, Bovell, Boyd, Brace, Brecht, Brennan, Brenton, Brogan, Bronte, Brook, Brown, Brunger, Bruce, Buchner, Buckley, Buero-Vallejo, Buffini, Bulgakov, Bulgo, Burgess, Gregory Burke, Kathy Burke, Burt, Bush, Butler, Butterworth, Byrom.

CabalCalderon,  Caldwell, Cameron, Kaye Campbell, CarrCervantes,  Chekhov, ChurchillCivilians, Clifford, Cocteu, CoghlanCorneille,

John FordGogolGorky,  Jonson,  Ibsen,  Lope de Vega, MametMarivaux, Marlowe,  Marston,  Menander, Middleton,  Miller,  Moliere,  O’Neill,  Orton,  Osborne, Pinter, Plautus, Priestlley, Pushkin, RacineRattigan,  Shakespeare,  Sophocles,  Stoppard,  Strindberg,  Terence,  Turgenev,  Webster,  Wesker,  Thornton Wilder,  Tennessee Williams

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